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Gaming Forums are great at providing a dedicated channel for Gamers to ask questions, share skills and experience, and discuss topics of common interest.


While forums have evolved a lot since the days of bulletin boards – they remain one of the most effective ways for groups of people to come together and interact online.



4 Forum Categorieseach having their own dedicated forums.


  • Game Q&A – for Gamers – with dedicated game forums for the most popular video games.
  • Streaming Q&A – for video platform Streamers covering topics such as game streaming set-up, configuration, optimization etc.
  • Game Art Q&A – for Creatives covering game art and graphics including topic like game characters, game environments, game props, game maps etc.
  • Game Creation Q&A – for game creators covering the various elements involved in creating a game – including game concepts, game design, game development etc.



Forums Types (Broad vs Niche)


If you’ve been checking out forums recently – it’s likely you’ve come across 2 basic types – Broad and Niche. 


Broad forums such as Reddit and Quora, are examples of broad, large community forums. These forums have many subject areas (including video games and gaming), and are subdivided and categorized to make them easy to navigate and search.


Niche forums, like, focus on a much narrower, more limited number of subject areas (the 4 groups listed above), covering a range of topics within these.



Forums Formats – Questions & Answers Forums uses a Q&A format to make it quicker and easier to find THE most popular answer to a question.


New topic threads are created when a forum member posts a question. Other members can reply to the question, and add comments to both the questions and answers. Responses can be up-voted – pushing them to the top of the feed. The original question author can also mark a reply a ‘verified answer’ showing others its been accepted.


To understand why the Q&A format is used on Stackedgame – here’s a short summary of the other 4 formats:


  • Discussion forums is the most common and traditional type of forum. After a discussion thread is started, forum members can add comments and replies to keep the conversation going. To find the answers members read through the discussion thread and find the preferred reports based on the comments and feedback.
  • Feedback forums are focused around gathering opinions. Feedback Forums are good way to gather feedback on new and existing products or services. These forums are even more effective when members are able to participate in polls and “like” comments.
  • Article forums aim to provide a store or knowledgebase of information. They normally include powerful sorting and search capabilities that help users find information. Examples include the posting of how-to articles, videos and images, announcements, white papers and more.
  • Combination forums are a combination of the above types. An example is a combination of the Q&A and traditional Discussion Forums – like Reddit or Quora.



Top 4 Reasons to Visit Gaming Forums


There are many good reasons to visit and use these forums – here are our top 4.


  • Get help on specific issues – one of the main reasons gamers visit is to get answers to their most pressing questions. Players can post specific questions (with supporting media and attachments) and get help from other gamers.
  • Interact, make connections and friends – these forums provide a great way to connect with your fellow gamers on specific subjects and topics. They have traditionally been a good place to meet like-minded people and continue developing these relationships.
  • Share experiences, gameplay tactics and improve skills – forums can also act as knowledgebases for other gamers to share experiences, improve their skills and overall gameplay. For example, open-world games like Just Cause, GTA, or Red Dead Redemption 2 have easter eggs and hidden missions. Sharing some of these discovery experiences can help new gamers improve their gaming experience.
  • Build community, profile and trust – forums are a great way to build a sense of community, cultivating interest in particular subjects and topics. Active community members have the opportunity to share and help fellow gamers, and in so doing build trust and raise their profile in the community.


Our community is friendly and welcoming and we’re always looking for new members. 


Do I need to have played Baldur’s Gate 1 & 2 ?


Topic starter

I have never played Baldur's gate do I need to have played Baldur’s Gate 1 & 2 to be able to enjoy Baldur’s Gate 3?